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North Early Learning Center Head Start Policy Council

North Early Learning Center Head Start Policy Council


Policy Council is the governing body of the Head Start Program and acts as the parents’ voice in making major decisions in partnership with the Head Start Program Director and the WOCCISD Board of Trustees (Grantee) for the program. 

Policy Council is comprised of parents/guardians of currently enrolled children and representatives of our community to make up the voting members. Members from the community are also elected to the Policy Council as Community Representatives- these can be parents of Prekindergarten or PPCD programs, past Head Start parents and/or community agency partners.  These members are also voted in and are voting members.  During the first parent meeting of each school year, parent representatives are elected by other parents. Members receive training and are supported in becoming community committee members and leaders.

At the October meeting Policy Council representatives elect officers and schedule monthly meeting dates and times.  Elected officers, members and staff meet monthly throughout the year.  The WOCCISD Board of Trustee member is appointed as Liaison to share information between the Trustee Board and Policy Council members.   

Why is there a Policy Council?  Head Start Performance Standards require that every Head Start Program have a Parent Policy Council.  In order for a Head Start program to continue to receive Federal funding there must be an active Policy Council. 
It is important to recognize that Head Start is the first step in making sure that no child is left behind. Governing bodies also help to engage the community in identifying school readiness goals and garner their assistance and support in achieving those goals

What does the Policy Council Do?  The Policy Council works in collaboration with the Head Start Director to govern the Head Start program through what is called Shared Governance.  At Parent Policy Council meetings representatives and staff discuss, review, share input, and vote on matters such as:

  • Personnel Reports (including serving on committees to interview new staff)
  • Financial Reports (to provide accountability to the program)
  • Changes in policies (so that all views may be shared, and all have input)
  • Monthly Director’s Campus Reports are shared and discussed.
  • Annual self-assessment of the program.


Super Hero Engager!  Head Start Policy Council members are program advocates!


Monthly Meeting Schedule:  Second Tuesday of each Month                

          Time:   6:00 PM   NELC Campus




James Pulido

Nancy Crooks

Hannah Laurenzana

Brenda Maldonado

Scott Watts


Kathryn Forbes

Vice President/ Chairperson

William Garcia


Lilian Fields

Assistant Secretary

Jackie Abraham